How to get more followers on instagram instantly

Develop a Following, Get Lots of “Likes” and Followers

The question, how to get more followers on instagram instantly? is very simple to solve. Instagram is a way of adding your photos to social media both quickly and easily. It provides several ways to alter and improve your pictures, ways to follow other posters, and ways to cultivate your own followers. While Instagram is a major player among various social media enterprises, it also has a significant role in business and marketing. Currently it provides services for both iPhone and Android mobile device users. There is no argument but what an image gives more information than a written report. Documentary photographers and photojournalists must believe this for they put themselves at great risk to obtain clear and convincing photographs. Protestors recently demonstrating in Hong Kong posted many photos on Instagram. This led to Instagram being shut down on Mainland China. This shows the worldwide reach of social media, the ability of imagery to influence thinking, and the power of Instagram as a photograph-sharing platform.

There is a wealth of information regarding signing up, getting started, and effectively using Instagram at and you can read it and sign up if you decide you want to join the hundreds of millions who have done just that.

Photography is likely the most democratic activity on the planet today. Anyone with a mobile phone is a photographer of sorts. Many are darn good at their craft. Others might need to see your work; you might want to see theirs’ in return. Everyone likes some exposure and recognition of their photographic efforts. Instagram can provide that.

To gain followers and retain them you will have to think about what you are doing and put in some work.

a. First, select a clear theme or focus for your account. Think about what you want to photograph, and how may people will be interested in it. Give some thought to what the long-term impact of what you post might be. You will get more followers choosing nature, travel, fashion or any topic you want than you will posting photos of what your supper looks like.

b. Second, only post your high quality, attractive photos. If people recognize you as creative and technically competent they will want to follow you and you will rack up “Likes”.

c. Third, use #hashtags effectively to find people who are more apt to “Like” your photo than not. Don’t use too general a term for your #hashtag. You can go to to find out what #hashtags are attracting the most posts. Remember though if you are interested in a specific topic you will get more action from #cars #racecars #porsche than from #cars alone.

d. Fourth, participate with other users. Once you have gotten the maximum from your existing network you have to get beyond those limits and find more folks who might “Like” your photos. On your computer go to, login with your Instagram information, search for some hashtag similar to your focus. Look at the photos that come up under that hashtag, leave comments when you can. Make your comments more significant than “wow,” “terrific,” or “great shot.” Only comment on recent photos that have only a few comments. If the photo has been there for several weeks and collected 50 comments, the poster has likely moved on and will not see your comment. This effort will find you people who are more likely to follow a focused account than a broad account. You will get more “Likes”.

e. Lastly, be polite. If someone gives you a nice compliment, respond and tell them thanks. Don’t flood people with your images. Most great photographers likely produced no more than 200 outstanding photographs in their lifetime. Let once or twice a day suffice for your posting.